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Whether it’s interior or exterior paint, a touchup or a different color improves your home. Did you know that both interior painting and exterior painting increase your property value? That’s a bonus benefit of repainting if you’re considering selling your home soon. If your paint is peeling or fading, it’s important to repaint it as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to help you bring your aesthetic ideas to life with our professional services. Rogers Painters has more than 15 years of residential painting experience in Rogers AR.

Although interior paint can last many years, it loses its protective abilities at some point. That protection is especially important in laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens where there's more moisture. Interior paint can change the mood or look of any room. You can use stripes to make a room appear wider or taller. If you like a little contrast, you may prefer an accent wall. Our team works with your ideas to create the result you want. We can also help you select the right color for your goals. Additionally, our team can suggest the right type of finish for any interior space. Do you have kids or pets? We can also suggest washable paints. Our team can paint interior walls, doors, ceilings and other surfaces.

Interior Painting Services

Although a key purpose of exterior paint is to create beauty, an even more important purpose is to protect your home. Your siding helps protect critical components of the structure from water damage, rot, mold and other problems. Paint helps create a barrier that repels moisture from the siding. For this reason, it may also help extend the life of your siding. In addition to siding, we can paint shutters, doors, soffits, detached sheds and much more. Our painters do thorough work when they repaint exterior surfaces. They use professional equipment and methods to remove old paint and prepare the siding. If there's minor damage somewhere, they can often fix it. For example, they can patch cracks or fissures and seal holes. Addressing such issues reduces pest risks and moisture-related risks. We've handled all sizes and types of residential exterior painting projects. Our team is also familiar with the region's weather. We know how to plan projects while considering the weather forecast and many other factors.

Exterior Painting Services

Rogers Painting specializes in fast and efficient interior and exterior painting projects, providing top-quality results for all your painting needs.

Best in the Business

Rogers Painting stands out as one of the best painting companies in Rogers, AR, offering exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to customer satisfaction for all your painting needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means we work hard to make certain you are 100% happy

Professional Painting Processes

We rely on daily checklists, manuals, and procedures to make certain your painting project will last you for years to come.

Vetted Painters

Rogers Painting ensures safety and confidence by thoroughly vetting our painters.

Arkansas Painting Professionals You Can Trust

At Rogers Painters, we understand that you expect value from your remodeling investments. We know that you don’t want cheap work. However, you also don’t want to pay a fortune. Our company strikes the perfect balance by providing exceptional results at affordable rates.

Training and Skills

Training and Skills

Rest assured that we have the skills and experience to deliver the results you expect. Our painters understand the properties of many interior and exterior surfaces. With that knowledge, they can correctly prepare each surface without causing damage. Also, they always select the right type of paint for each surface. Our painters understand the characteristics of paint, finish types, color selection and much more. Additionally, our painters know all the right application techniques and how to use modern equipment.


We've worked hard to build trust in the community. Our company is licensed and insured, which means that you won't be stuck paying for any damage or injuries. When you work with unlicensed and uninsured painters, those are common risks. Also, you have the assurance that all our team members have passed background checks.


We also take safety seriously. Our team is careful to use proper ventilation during interior painting projects. We're mindful of where we leave power tools, ladders and other supplies during exterior painting projects. Our safety rules help protect you, your property and our painters.
Painting Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Since we use high-quality paint, we're confident in guaranteeing your satisfaction. We back up our guarantee with a paint warranty that lasts five years. If the paint peels or fades during that time, just give us a call. Although we have a limited guarantee period, the paint we apply may last much longer. Moisture, temperature, impact and other factors affect longevity. Our painters maximize paint longevity by thoroughly preparing surfaces, using the right paint and correctly applying paint.
Painting Efficiency and Dependability

Efficiency and Dependability

We realize that any remodeling project can seem stressful when your property is a mess. Our team is conscientious and minimizes disturbances or inconveniences. For example, we work quickly around garage doors, exterior doors and other places with more foot traffic. We ensure we have all the supplies we need before starting any project. Since we use professional equipment and work hard, we can complete jobs quickly without sacrificing our quality standards. With all our years of experience, we can accurately determine completion periods and cost estimates. Rest assured that we'll finish painting your house on time without going over budget

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Rogers Painters is here to consult with you on paint colors, your scheduling needs and more. We’re committed to providing seamless exterior or interior painting results and excellent customer service every step of the way. Please call us today for a free residential painting estimate in Rogers AR.

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